Spectrum, Harrogate : Just wow!

Last night was truly remarkable. My friend Preston picked me up at 1900 and took me to talk to the Spectrum group in Harrogate. I have spoken to these lovely people about Doctors Without Borders before and so I was very much looking forward to a return visit.

Spectrum is an incredible group who support people who have lost their partner. People of all ages meet and derive support and care from one another. You can read more about the group on their WEBSITE .

I gave my presentation and afterwards answered a few excellent questions. To my immense surprise I was then handed a cheque for £500! As if this wasn’t enough, another £28.15 was donated in cash.

Sometimes – very rarely I am lost for words. Last night was one of those occasions. In the end I guess it comes down to just three. Thank you Spectrum.

This money will be sent to Doctors Without Borders today and will quite simply save lives.

An amazing evening.

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